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What Your Exterior Home Painting Quotation Should Include

Mar 8

Homeowners in Denver who want to paint the exterior of their homes may feel intimidated by the unfamiliar process. What should and shouldn't be included in quotes can be confusing. To help clear up some of the misunderstanding, this article examines in detail the thirteen components that painting contractors in Denver should include in their estimates for exterior home painting.

This guide will not only provide informative information, but also ensure that couples can accurately compare quotes prior to making a decision. With this thorough information in hand, Denver homeowners feel prepared to tackle the daunting chore of locating expert painters for their houses!

Labor Prices

The labor expenses connected with exterior painting should be the focal point of your estimate. The total cost of labor should include the cost of the painters, their hourly rate, and the overall expected duration of the project. In addition, the estimate should detail the tasks that will be performed by the painters, as well as any necessary site preparation prior to painting. Ensure that you request a full breakdown of labor costs in the estimate so that you understand precisely what you're paying for.

Brand and Quality of Paint

It is essential to comprehend the whole breadth of what the quote entails. The brand and type of paint and primer, as well as the desired gloss, should be specified. In addition, the product's warranty should be included in the estimate, in case there are any problems in the future.

Project Location

The quote should include the particular location of the project, including the address and any unique instructions. If the job involves scaffolding or ladders, this should be noted in the estimate so that the homeowner is aware of any additional costs.

Tarps and Drop Cloths

Drop cloths and tarps play a crucial role while painting the exterior of a building. They protect adjacent surfaces, such as driveways, sidewalks, and patios, from exterior paint spills and splashes. As a result, all estimates for exterior painting must include who is responsible for providing these materials. If the painter will be providing them, their cost should be included in the estimate so there are no surprises when the painter arrives to begin work on the exterior of the home.

Fees and Color Selection

When it comes to wood siding, the expense of painting is usually a main worry. After receiving a price for the project, be careful to ask the contractor if color choosing will incur additional costs. Normally, homeowners need to settle on at least three color samples to make an informed selection before painting; therefore inquiring about the amount of swatches that are included in the overall quotation is crucial. Be sure to clarify any of your questions in advance, and you can be assured that the wood trim or wood siding will be painted exactly as intended!

Time Frame

The estimate of the project's duration, including the estimated start and end dates, should be included in the quote. The homeowner should be informed of any potential delays, and the estimate should specify who is responsible for covering any additional expenses incurred due to delays.

Payment Conditions

When providing estimates for exterior painting tasks, it is essential to give payment terms. This should specify the total amount owed and how many payments will be paid; if continuous payments are to be made, then this should also be noted, along with the intervals between payments.

To avoid unpleasant late payment penalties, it is also crucial to pay attention to the payment due date, which is typically decided on a per-square-foot basis. Knowing in advance when payment is due enables you to properly arrange your money and enjoy the exterior painting project without being concerned about expenses.

Policy in Cancellation

Prior to picking up the paintbrushes, it is essential to comprehend the whole expense of exterior house painting. The things you should ask your house painter extend beyond the cost itself to include any applicable cancellation policies. Getting an accurate price with a clear cancellation policy keeps everyone on the same page and prevents surprises on both sides. A detailed awareness of expected costs and policies contributes to a great experience for all parties from start to finish.

Clean Up

When choosing exterior paint pricing for a project, it is essential to consider the costs involved with its cleanup and disposal. While some painting contractors may provide pricing that include these services, homeowners should always be informed of who is liable for any leftovers emerging from their exterior painting endeavor, such as latex spills or leftover paint buckets.

For those utilizing more cost-effective solutions, such as vinyl siding, there are other aspects of the clean-up process that must be considered, such as confirming that dust removal from the exterior premises is included in the quoted price. To accomplish a good exterior painting job, planning is essential in any situation.

Cleaning and Upkeep

A cleaning and maintenance program for the completed job should also be included in the quote. This includes the frequency of cleaning, the type of cleaner to be used, and who is accountable for cleaning and upkeep.


Lead paint should not be neglected when completing an exterior painting project. To guarantee that the job is performed correctly and safely, the quote should include any applicable product or service warranties. In addition to any manufacturer warranties for lead paint, it is essential to include any information regarding the painter's warranty. It is prudent to inquire about lead paint costs for exterior painting, as it may necessitate more time-consuming operations and result in large price rises. Ensure that any guarantees are defined in writing prior to beginning the project.


It is essential to confirm that the painter has adequate insurance before beginning the exterior painting of a home. Inquire if they have general liability and worker’s compensation coverage - this will protect you from any unexpected costs or injuries related to their job. While a fresh coat of paint can increase the value of a property, knowing that your painter is fully insured provides additional assurance and protection when painting the exterior of a home. Taking this extra care assures that you will be able to enjoy the final product without having to worry about any future troubles or headaches.

Final Cost

There is one thing that is definite when it comes to exterior painting projects: the final cost. This should cover all factors such as the cost of exterior paint, exterior painting labor, and any other project-related costs such as taxes, materials, and more. Understanding exactly what you are paying for helps you remain within your budget and provides a better picture of the scope of work required to finish the project. Before signing a contract, it is important to ask your contractor for a full estimate so you have a thorough explanation of the exterior painting cost.

Last Thoughts

Understanding what to look for in an exterior house painting estimate can significantly simplify the choosing process for homeowners. Homeowners may confidently examine and compare quotations and ensure they are receiving the best value if they are aware of the factors to consider. With the help of this comprehensive guide, homeowners can be assured that their money is being spent properly on an exterior house painting project of the highest caliber.

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